Friday, 14 June 2013

Hearts can heal video

Hey everyone, 

After much deliberation over whether or not I should create a video to tie in with this project, I've finally decided to make one.

But if it is to be a success, then I will need your help.

So, what's the plan?

Basically, I want you to send a photo of you holding up a piece of paper to On this piece of paper, can be one of three things:

  1. A message for anyone suffering from one of the six issues that the hearts can heal project will be focusing on (suicide, mental health disorders, eating disorders, domestic abuse, bullying or self-harm). The message can be short or long. It could be focused on your own experiences, or not. So long as you use this as your chance to convey hope for the future to the people who may be going through a rough time in the present.
  2. If you can't think of a message, then you could simply write out "Hearts can heal" or "Just let the pain remind you hearts can heal" on your piece of paper. 
  3. Failing this, you could draw the hearts can heal symbol (see below) on your  paper and send in a photo of you holding up that instead

The crossed heart - the hearts can heal symbol

By taking part in this project, it's a sign of your support for those who are going through a particularly difficult time in their lives right now.

It may not be much, but to someone who feels utterly alone, it might just be enough to convince them that there are people out there who care. It might not be ground-breaking, but one thing that I have learned in this life is that you should never underestimate the effect that an army of whispers can have on this world.

Below is an example of the photos that I'm looking for (this was taken with my iPod so I could quickly write this blog. I'll upload another photo later, one in which the sign isn't over-exposed and the writing is easier to read)

The deadline for the project is Saturday 22nd June. Please send in your photos as soon as possible. 

Please help spread the word about the project, and take part if you can. I really would appreciate your help.

If you have any questions about the video, feel free to tweet me at @parascots, email me at or simply leave a comment below.

Thank you, and take care.



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